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Installing a hot tub in your garden this summer

Do you want to relax in the back of the garden rocked by the songs of birds? This is quite possible by adding, as in other situations elsewhere, the tarpaulin under the spa.

Evaluate before buying

First of all, evaluate the space you reserve for it in your yard, because a spa occupies on average 2.30m by 2.30m. In addition, choose the number of seats according to your actual needs. Consider also the height, which varies from 72.5cm to 1m, a very high spa will be more suitable for tall people than small individuals. Comfort is essential, feel free to try the seats in the store. Some spas offer seating at different heights, allowing you to accommodate both large and small at the same time. Take the opportunity to check the location, number and shape of the nozzles; the more jets, the more the massage will be complete.

Install a spa according to the conditions of the location

The easiest to install is the inflatable spa, and this is also the best model for you to enjoy the spa during the holidays. But you can get hot tubs for sale in special shops and even offer a wide range of choices. The level of the ground is a point to take into account, because it must be flat and without obstacle. At the aesthetic level, you may strongly regret it but even worse, you will damage the inflatable structure. A lawn, dirt or concrete slab would be ideal. In the kit you will find a bubble floor mat to be placed between the floor and the spa. If you decide to make a concrete slab, it is recommending a height of 15cm to support the total weight of the spa without any risk.

And finally, spa or jacuzzi should not be exposed to full sun especially in summer, so it is always important to make a shelter for the spa outside.

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