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The reasons to choose Schneider electrical equipment

With a deep understanding of materials science, a commitment to technological leadership, extensive process experience and a long tradition of innovation, Schneider Electrical offers the industry’s largest range of high-performance electronic materials.

Materials of large classes

The company’s portfolio includes materials for hybrid, rigid and flexible circuits, technical ceramics, thick film polymer (PTF) and low temperature ceramics (LTCC) and materials for the manufacture and conditioning of semiconductors. When designing products that require electrical insulation systems, One-Elec can make it easier for you because it offers the most SAE in the industry, previously approved by Underwriters Laboratories (UL). These systems include a wide range of Schneider materials, such as: tapes, varnishes, aramid papers, pressed cardboard products, thermoplastic resins and metallic enamels. And we can even go far and see our lives with automatic and digital or digital energy, and this is not a dream since this year, experts are studying the feasibility of this project, and the discussion will be hot.

The potential of Schneider Electrique

Since the beginning of its activities Schneider Electric evolved permanently, providing Schneider electrical equipment products and services with energy efficiency solutions. An industry present in the country with offices in various countries thus guaranteeing a quick response and a secure after-sales service throughout the life of the supplied equipment. It also has a team of more than several professionals permanently trained in our country and abroad, a permanent stock of the products most used in the current market, more than 40 official distributors and integrators of automation systems and, of course, assistance. At Schneider Electric, the management of the portfolio of products and services with thousands of different items makes it possible to offer complete solutions in the fields of electrical distribution, automation and industrial control, technical management of the building and computer data centers. Schneider Electric helps individuals and businesses take advantage of their own energies for its own development.

So, yes, those are sufficient reasons to adopt Schneider on every project or electrical glitches.

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