The material and the form

A resistant shell ensures longevity to your large spa bath. The preferred materials for the realization of the hull are polyester resin and acrylic, both insulating and very resistant. For optimal relaxation of the limbs, choose a bathtub whose shell shape is adapted to your morphology. Provided with a low floor, the ergonomic models allow relaxation of the arms, shoulders and neck. Side armrests promote relaxation of the arms and shoulders. A neck rest relieves the neck. Feet and legs are elevated for total comfort. The G-Bounty whirlpool 47 jets rectangular whirlpool bathtub has an ergonomic bottom. This very complete hot tub is available in a left or right version to adapt to your space.

Motor power and number of injectors

The bathtubs are distinguished by the power of the pump motor (water system) and the turbine (air system). Power is expressed in Watts. The more important it is, the more powerful the massage jets will be. Optimal motorization provides a pleasant hydromassage, neither too strong nor too weak. Prefer models with a minimum intensity of 750 Watts for the water pump and 520 Watts for the turbine. More than the power of the pumps, it is the ratio between it and the number of injectors that must be taken into account when choosing the bathtub. The more injectors there are, the higher the power should be. In addition to the number of injectors, the arrangement and distribution of these will determine the quality of the massages. Numerous and well-distributed injectors provide relaxation for each part of the body while offering the possibility of massaging targeted areas. To be comfortable, the model chosen must have at least six nozzles in the bottom, six lateral and six dorsal. Discover our models of double or single whirlpool baths equipped with dorsal and lateral injectors but also plantar.

The water heater

Each treatment requires a specific water temperature. The energizing treatments are carried out at a temperature between 30 and 32 degrees. To enjoy a soothing moment, the ideal temperature starts at 38 degrees. The water heater is one of the essential accessories. This system heats the water and maintains it at the desired temperature. The power of the latter, expressed in watts, is related to the quantity of water to be heated.

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