The perfect jacuzzi spa at home

Not all hot tubs are created equal. Some are in-ground and designed simply and rigidly to accommodate a lot of use, such as those you might find at resorts or hotels. Some are outfitted with fancy lights and an abundance of jets to catch your eye. Others are designed from the ground up with genuine hydrotherapy in mind. These hydrotherapy spas are manufactured only after intensive research and development by staff and engineers to provide. If you’re seeking the ultimate therapeutic experience, you need to know what to look for in the best hydrotherapy hot tubs and how to get the greatest value for your investment.

The Jets

When considering the jet options of a jacuzzi spa model you have in mind, remember that the overall number of jets matters much less than their placement and design for effective massaging action. A variety of jet types are most effective because different body areas require different types of massage for tension relief. The jets must be strategically coordinated with the seating to target specific muscle groups effectively, and the pump must be powerful enough to move water through the jets efficiently.

The Adaptability

Your hot tub soak will be most enjoyable and therapeutic when you can customize your experience for ultimate comfort. Hot tubs with a comprehensive control panel allow you to adjust the temperature of the water, the ambiance (light, water, and music features), and the flow and intensity of the jets with simple adjustments to air and diverter valves.

The Fit

All the innovative features and exceptional performance of a hot tub won’t mean much if the spa is not a good fit for you. The seats should feel comfortable, supportive, and should align with the hydro jets. For an in-depth look at hydrotherapy hot tub seating options and the importance of comfort. Then, be sure to visit your nearest dealer showroom for a dry sit or a test soak to ensure comfort and fit, and to experience hot tub hydrotherapy firsthand.

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