The real positive effects of hydrotherapy

Essentially, hydrotherapy is the external use of water to treat certain diseases and conditions. This natural remedy has been used for thousands of years, dating from ancient Greece all the way back. Hospitals, physiotherapists and spas all over the globe today use it to treat everything from fibromyalgia to sore muscles. Get yourself hot tubs for sale will help you to reap the soothing effects of hydrotherapy at home. Yet how exactly is hydrotherapy supporting the mind and body? And how does a hot tub provide those advantages? The effectiveness of hydrotherapy involves three core factors: massage, buoyancy, and heat.

Good for massage

Hot tub therapy jets deliver moving water to different parts of your body, relaxing tight muscles and encouraging the release of endorphins, the natural pain relievers for your body. Hydro-massage jets, like a conventional massage therapy, boost flexibility, increase circulation, stimulate digestive processes, and reinforce the immune system by encouraging lymph movement. Look for a layout that has jets aligned to different areas of your body you would like to handle, such as your back , arms, neck or legs, when choosing a hot tub. You can target trigger points that are sensitive "nodules" in tight muscles, or even points of reflexology in your hands and feet. While many hot tubs come with a preconfigured number of jets in a preset configuration, some models offer jets that can be individually adjusted, allowing you to adjust the massage pressure and angle to get the most out of the hydrotherapy advantages.


Hot tub water 's inherent buoyancy lowers your body weight by 85-90 percent, relieving your joints, ribs, ligaments , and muscles strain. This effect is of particular benefit in the treatment of arthritis, a chronic inflammatory joint disease. Buoyancy decreases fatigue by reducing tension on the body, and facilitates smoother, pain-free movement and increased motion range. The water's gentle force of resistance also helps to restore muscle strength. A hot tub 's heat, water buoyancy, and therapeutic massage jets provide excellent benefits in hydrotherapy.

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