Un spa de nage pour garder la forme

We want to lose weight, but not exercise, or stop eating. Swimming Spas are designed for us!

A space for relaxation, while relaxing but losing calories. The swim spa has two pools: the first at 37 degrees to serve as a massage as in classic spas. The other a little bigger; it is to make movements while swimming but against the current.

One technology is to create very strong pressure of 9km / h like running on a treadmill but here is swimming against a strong current. It is known that doing the same movements in a gym is less does not eliminate more fat than that in the aquatic environment. The water softens and lengthens the muscles which enclose the skin. Both zones are absolutely necessary for a jacuzzi to have a stable water temperature.

The hot tub for sale with only one basin are just made to relax the muscles and to have a family or friendly conviviality. This system should be linked with the swimming pool which combats the movement of swimming and once in the jacuzzi, it eliminates toxins.

No need to do any work to buy a spa, the equipment can be easily placed.

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