Your own beauty spot at home

It is very important to associate with others, but it is even more important to do things in oneself. We talk about meditation, domestic sports and your activity that you do alone or with your family, in this spa for example.

Stop your connexon into the world

Spend time away from your smartphone and Facebook, from You tube and your pc screen. And go into the wild mixing with trees, wild animals and can be a feat in the Amazon Rainforest. But getting away from social life is good for his body. You can also lock yourself at home listening to Mozart or whatever music you like, it's called music therapy and it feels good for your memory. Make video games, for an hour of time a day to expand your brain and have this challenge to pass the Levels. Women must devote time for her body beauty as well as doing her hair every day, and relaxing in this jacuzzi tubs by emptying the mind and body of her toxin. You can just drink tea to solve some medicine problem like acne cure, we are talking about green tea.

Create your beauty and beauty center at home

It is possible to manufacture all of its essential beauty on your beauty center itself at home. Three ingredients are needed to make a cream: water, oil of your choice and an emulsifier, usually a wax. Any addition, whether it's a second oil to change the texture of the cream or an essential oil to perfume the mixture. Anyway, you are not immune to allergies. A care oil lets you stop biting your nails and encourages their growth. You can do it at home by Olive oil, Sunflower oil and some garlic, with the taste and smell of garlic, you'll not put your fingers in your mouth less often to bite your nails.

But we know that beauty starts with cleanliness and it feels good to live in a clean and tidy house. As a result, adopting more modern materials and evolving offers a more correct and comfortable lifestyle, why not!

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